Thursday, March 26, 2009


In the last post I talked about the idea of "super powers". What are you really talented at as a coach? It's an important thing to discover and then nurture to progress in your career.

The opposite question also applies. Just like Superman was weakened by kryponite, we all have things we don't do as well. Do you know what your kryptonite is? We all have them.

It's a hard thing to face for many of us, but just like every super hero has some weakness, so do coaches. Maybe you aren't as good at programming, or in-depth muscle physiology, or maybe its sprint mechanics, or peaking for competition, and so on. You have some weakness, what is it?

It's not just the science and knowledge side however, what about the ART of coaching? Maybe you struggle with the highly analytical, slightly Obsessive/Compulsive athlete. For some coaches they struggle with the athlete that challenges their system. Can you sell them on your methodology?

I have seen the coach that can do a good job with the older athletes just fall to pieces when a 10 year keeps pushing their buttons (I think pushing a coaches hot buttons is a super power many 10 year olds posess). Maybe you have to deal with parents who think they know the best training techniques.

One of the things that is important in the long run, is to recognize your weaknesses and then surround yourself with people that have that as a super power. Just like Superman needed the Flash to rescue him when he was chained up by kryptonite, you need a team. They may be just professionals you can turn to for ideas and answers, or may literally be part of your coaching team.

You have a kryptonite. Learn what it is. Work to improve it. Become part of a team that balances those strengths and weaknesses.