Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Coaching is an Art

Yes it is. It requires a basis of science to be applied, but that science is useless without the artfullness to apply it. Coaching isn't about writing a program and analyzing needs. Its how you interact with the athlete, choose what to act on in the coaching moment, and the manner in which you do it.

Much like any artists, all of the best coaches I know have been influenced by other masters before them. Some have apprenticed with years of working directly with, and studying, a more experienced coach. Others, such as myself, had to seek out various mentors and do intensive study of methods. This includes looking beyond the confines of speed or strength, but looking to coaches in many realms.

Another element of becoming a great artist is practice. The reading, studying, listening, and all else is great, but it has to be practiced. That means coaching. In todays age of internet gurus, seminars, and dvds, there are far to many of them that are great at marketing and talking about coaching, the problem is they haven't done enough to master their art. Choose your mentors carefully, and above all else seek some out!